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i don't know what it is, but there's loads of it down the street; (Gainesville, Florida)

sticky stem (round)
sticky leaves come in 7's radiating out from the stem at intervals (whorled?), linear to lanceolate 2-3 cm long, 5 or less mm wide
tiny flowers (1-2 mm) white with 4 petals, green in center, (clustered when budding to spreading when seeding) come on tiny slender stems above the leaves
sticky seed pods are round, 1 mm or less in diameter

The whole plant is a pale spring green.  It is so sticky that it sticks to itself, even the flowers, and almost everything else (wood, fabric, other plants, and especially fur).  The stickiness leaves no residue.  This plant is not in my handy Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants book.  I think it is very common as I have been picking the seeds off my cats for years.  I just never deigned to notice it...until now.

Anyone have a name for me?

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Re: Hitchhiker Weed Gainesville, FL
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My guess would be Galium aparine. Our parent website has this page:
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Re: Hitchhiker Weed Gainesville, FL
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That looks like the right one from the pics and description.  Thanks!